From last night’s climb. I made this video by propping my phone up against my chalk bag on the floor, so excuse the crappy angle/frame 😅
When I watch the video, I see a million things to improve on and I know I still look like a total beginner, but I’m still proud of my little bits of progress. so please don’t be mean 😄 constructive criticism is obviously welcome, though I don’t know how much anyone can say from such a short insight.
I felt pretty weak while climbing last night, but I also spent over 10 hours in the lab before going, so I’m not surprised. It was still fun and I made some progress on my current little project.

Thanks Government

Because you are shut down all the national parks are closed. The same national parks I was going to be ice climbing in this weekend, making it technically illegal to step foot inside.

Where’s that gif of Charlie Brown saying “Oh Brother”?