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Questions I got asked:

1.if you were the opposite sex for24 hours, what would you do?
-Im sorry but I’d touch myself

2. you get to make a threesome with any two celebrities of your choice, who do you choose?
-Ermmm… Michael Clifford and Calum Hood

3. in truth or dare do you prefer truth, or dare?
4. who do you ship in 5SOS and 1D?
-in 5sos I ship lashton and in 1d In ship larry

5. what is the sweetest thing someone has ever said to you?
-my best friend told me she had shown her friend a photo of me ,and her friend told her I was really pretty :3
6. what are 5 things that made you smile today?
-5sos music,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin,Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood

7. do you listen to emblem3? (if not, look them up right now you will not regret it)
-i like their song Chloe ,but I’ve never heard nothing else sorry haha

8. what are your biggest turn-ons?
-i know I’m weird but I love boys with big hands..

9. what is your favorite kind of sea animal?
10. if you could interview any one celebrity, who would it be?
-Tyler Oakley

11. if you could get asked ANY question EVER, what would you like to be asked?
-idk ,no one ever asks me how I am and I’d like to.

OK so here are my questions:

1.Would you rather cuddle with Ashton or kiss him?

2.Coke or Pepsi?

3.Who’s your favorite youtuber?

4.If you could live any where on earth,where it would be and why?

5.which clothing store is your favorite?

6.favorite ficcional character?

7.if you could stay up all night with any celebrity,who would you choose? many languages do you speak?

9.your biggest fear?

10.what do you hate the most about school?

11.if you could choose any celebrity as your boyfriend/girlfriend, who would you choose?