Let PCMatic Me PCMatic Explain PCMatic You PCMatic A PCMatic Thing PCMatic About PCMatic PCMatic PCMatic.

Did I mention PCMatic?

I know that many people on tumblr are smarter than this but even the wisest person can make the biggest mistakes. I can’t be the only one who has seen this commercial or a variation of it. Two people. One person gets dramatically frustrated with their computer. The other spontaneously knows about this great software. In this case (in case you didn’t hear it the first thirty times in the commercial): PCMatic.

Again, most people know that they need to avoid this. But for those who have any doubt:

This is a scam. PCMatic, MaxMySpeed, and MyCleanPC are all examples of fake software and scams that will actually infect your computer/laptop with more viruses! And then you will receive popups that tell you that they can get rid of all of these viruses for a price. I did research and PCMatic’s pride is $49.95. To remove viruses that were caused by them. Seriously: Don’t trust them! 

Throwing your computer out the window and setting it on fire with a flamethrower will cause less damage than these websites. Do. Not. Trust. These. Websites.