The Pleasure of running a Startup

  1. The Pleasure of Building something that you believe in, that you are passionate about. I have consulted with various firms including citi, jpmchase, s&p etc, i had the privilege to be part of some fascinating products, but there is just too much politics, too much hierarchy, that slowly kills the passion in you. What remains is the passion to code, not the passion to BUILD the product. This is a huge differentiating factor for me. 8 hours of work for another company seems more tiring that 18 hours of work for mycityway.  You may ask now that you have employees helping you build your product, won’t they feel the same.. well, i have this fear every single day, and i try my level best to keep my team passionate about what we are building, we make it easier for them to come up with ideas, suggestions, plans and what not. Every Individual in mycityway in extremely important for us, and i have noticed that people who do not carry that passion somehow end up leaving the company or cease to be part of our big plan.
  2. The Pleasure of Team Building - Building a team is no JOKE, people management i say is the MOST TOUGHEST part. But if you take every incident as an experience, then it tends to get a lot easier. The most important thing for me is the GUT FEELING about things, anyone can boost their technology skills, anyone can learn to do things better, but very few are reliable, when hiring for MCW INDIA, one thing that we look for is the PASSION element in the person, if that is there, the rest comes very easily. We are so lucky to have each and every person in OUR team, its more like a group of people working towards a single goal, a common mission, and at the same time growing as Individuals. I learn a bunch of things on a daily basis from my team. It has been phenomenal so far.
  3. The Pleasure of Serving People - Appreciation emails, reviews, thumbs up, comments, chatter from our users are energy boosters!  The satisfaction you get in that is something that i cannot put in words.
  4. The Pleasure of being YOURSELF - I don’t wait to finish things, i am never in a hurry to leave, i look forward to monday mornings! Long weekend does not excite me anymore. Every single day is FUN!
  5. The Pleasure of Learning - I have learned and am still learning a lot of things, my 6 years of work experience is NOTHING compared to what i have learned this past year. If mycityway did teach me one thing, it is “Perseverance” - 99% of our ideas don’t click, but still we manage to find that 1% :)
  6. The Pleasure of having this particular ATTITUDE - There is more to life than Money