Okay, so I think I have to ramble a little right now. Everyone is more than welcome to jump over this!

Before I start, my grammar is not good and I can’t really put my thoughts on paper but I’m going to try my hardest. With that out of the way I shall start:

 This summer went by so fast! Sure most of the time I was on Tumblr (hit my post limit about 12 times, YAY ME!!), but the other times were out with my friends. And for the most part my thoughts about friendships are: “friends come and go”, “there is always someone new to meet out there”, “people show up in your life, make an impact, and then they are out of your life.” But I really don’t want that to happen to the friendships that were strengthen this summer. I really hope that I can be able to turn to Lexi, Danny, Jasmin, Oreo, Leg, Omar, Antonio, Richie, Both of the Erics, Amber, Erika, Limor and obviously my brother and just hang out years from now. I know that this might not be possible since we can’t decide what will happen through out the years, but for now I just want to thank you guys for making this summer unforgettable!! And of course wish you good luck with your future activities (whether it’s school or a job or whatever you guys are planning). Thank you for being there and being ridiculously stupid with me!! Thank you for the amazingly long pointless talks on google +, and the ones that had a point too. Thank you for all the inside jokes. Thank you for all of the laughs we had. And like we said before we never really say good-bye, it’s just a see you soon! :)