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i don't know if this fits this blog but: tw medication, have you heard the news about abilify mycite? i'm horrified. they have created a "connected" drug with a sensor that tells whether you've actually ingested your pills. this is fertile ground for abuse. i'm so scared.

That’s pretty cool in theory but yup, definitely also fertile grounds for abuse. 

“McQuade noted that even though the data lets doctors monitor if patients have taken their medicine, there’s no evidence that the system improves adherence, meaning that the patient takes the medicine as directed.“ Well, I’m not surprised tbh.

Así funciona la «píldora digital» que controla si el paciente se la tomó

EE.UU. aprueba un medicamento llamado Abilify MyCite que incluye en su interior un sensor ingerible y que tiene aplicación para enfermenos mentales y con esquizofrenia, aunque incluye en sus advertencias que puede generar riesgos de muerte a pacientes mayores