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If you were murdered, and you had the option of getting revenge from the after life, would you? How would you go about doing that? Why wouldn’t you?

Woah this question. I would want to yes. But nt like cruelly, I would just bring the evidence to light so that my murderer was rightfully trialed and punished.

Favourite shirt? I want pictures

My Paramore shirt that I got at their concert in September :D 

Thoughts on McFlurry/Chips *fries* combo


What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had, and do you wish it was real?

I once had a dream Benedict Cumberbatch was my choir teacher, but he was being really mean to us and I kept telling everyone “No, shh he’s an actor, he’s actually really nice, he’ll drop the act soon. Plus he got us a gig on New Years Eve in London, that’s cool?” Also I think he was wearing glasses. Yeah I wish it was true because I still believe he would never truly be so mean a choir teacher and Benedict Cumberbatch as a choir teacher, am I right?

Favourite topic of convesation, and why not including fandoms? (Like, I could bang on about History for three hours…)

Yes, history is great. Or making me choose between things like, if I had to lose a sense which would it be?

The thing that made you stop liking your last crush (can be celeb/irl)

I’m not the crush type really, I can’t remember ever having an actual crush. Except my cousin. That ended for obvious reasons.

Thing that makes you the angriest. Rant. 

It changes from time to time. But at the moment it’s this. I shouldn’t be that angry about it but I really am. Usually though it’s hateblogs.

Least favourite fictional charcter that everyone loves

Hmm, this is a hard one, I don’t dislike many characters. I’m not a big fan of Magnussen, but I don’t know if everyone really loves him.

Least favourite country and why (yes i’m bored and i want controversy as i am a wanker)

North Korea I guess? Because its government literally cut it off from the rest of the world and is treating its population terribly. Because if they send you to a prison camp there, only your grandchildren are free.

This isn’t a question, but basically, if you haven’t listented to cabin pressure go do it now or your computer will get a virus, trust me i’m a technician. Okay bye! Love, the airport. 



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My questions:

  1. What is the worst thing anyone in your fandom has ever done?
  2. A scene from anything that made you cry. What is the first that comes to mind?
  3. What item of clothing would you like to buy next?
  4. What is your opinion on watching TV shows/movies online, downloading music etc.?
  5. What are you planning this summer and what will it ideally look like?
  6. What do you do when you feel sad?
  7. Which fandom has helped you get by the most and why?
  8. Top five people in real life who are most important to you, top five fictional characters who are most important to you and top five celebrities?
  9. Describe your ideal meal?
  10. What is your favourite stand-alone book, your favourite book series, and your favourite “classic” novel? (contemporary if a classic is your favourite)?
  11. What do you do outside of school and tumblr?

tiffanysaching asked:

"Tell me one or more things you like about yourself for a blog rate." - I like my eyes and hair, I guess. Also my weird sense of humour. My stupid jokes. My weird Thor puns. My laugh, because I think that I sound like a crazy witch and that makes me happy. I like my taste in certain things, e.g. music, films, tv shows, books and all that stuff. I like my handwriting. I like my personality a lot, actually. And I'm starting to finally accept/like my eyebrows. ARE YOU PROUD OF ME NOW

dude your eyebrows are fab <3 also HELLS YEAH FOR SELF APPRECIATION

url: 8.5/10

theme: 7.5/10 

posts: 9/10

following? r u kidding me

Tell me something you like about yourself for a blog rate!

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to.

Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first three songs.
Then pass this on to 10 people.
One rule: no skipping.

juliannemoores (literal queen of babes) tagged me. 

Here is what i got:

1) Track 73 from my goddamn Russian textbook

2) Worship You by Vampire Weekend

3) Citizen Erased (live) by Muse

I’m very disappointed in this and would like to say that the most you an tell about me through this is that I take Russian

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URL THINGY!! mychmicaltardis and notactuallybatman <33

I’ve never talked to either of you T.T

mychmicaltardis: Who is that beautiful chicka on your sidebar?! Perf! And OMG, I love how when I scroll down I see Lupita (you don’t understand how much I love her). Your theme is so fresh too!! BTW. Tea is drink for the soul ^-^

notactuallybatman: OMFG gurl! That sidebar! The adorableness actually slapped me through my laptop screen! Ah we have so much in common! FF, we’re both 16, party in the tags, and we wail over fictional characters! Match made in heaven? I think so! ;)

notactuallybatman asked:

mychmicaltardis is literally one of the sweetest people i know. she is super funny, she's gorgeous and she is always, ALWAYS there for anyone. she has helped people out of depression and talked them out of suicide and i am so grateful and honoured to know her.

she sounds so lovely omg uwu

rate: 7.5/10


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ahhh thank u bb ily