Quick Friendly Reminder:

March 22 is really close, DO NOT harass any members of ex My Chemical Romance on social media saying how much you wish they were back together etc.

Yes, we are sad they broke up but they dont need the whole fanbase harassing them.

Instead, use this day to celebrate what they gave us while they were together. Make art, cosplay, listen to their music, do something positive to celebrate them.

But DO NOT, for the love of God, give them hell about breaking up when it was the right thing to do for them.

I watched this performance of “DESTROYA” a few nights ago and it’s stuck with me for a lot of reasons.  First of all, MCR is raging particularly hard here.  This performance imo is way better than the album version because it’s raw, driving, and dirty.  Second, what a peculiar song choice for a talk show performance, even if it’s late night.  One of my favorite things about this band is that they were never afraid to go against the grain – and by doing so, they’ve given me the courage to defy the norm many, many times.  But also…there’s an air of finality to this that I feel permeates the entire second half of Danger Days.  Listening to it in 2017 makes it so easy to say this sounds like the end.  I can’t imagine being a fan in 2010, hearing this, and not expecting this to be their last album.

something to do when you’re bored

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