Character PSD #001 - fireside

This character psd is designed for Harry Potter roleplays. It is 245 x 260 px in size and uses the fonts ScriptC, Code Light and Times New Roman. For this particular character I used a red light leak for Gryffindor house, but you could change the colour of the light leak simply by going to image » adjustments » hue/saturation. Please like/reblog if using. Enjoy!

If you steal, redistribute or claim my work as your own I will feed you to nagini. (◕‿◕✿)


  • So this is my first character PSD and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it but nonetheless, here it is.
  • This is sort of a gift for you guys since I reached 1000 followers (well I’m about to anyway) so yes thank you guys very much aw.
  • The font used for the character’s name is here, and the quote is Cambria. PSD is here, and feel free to try some other PSDs or gradients — they’ll all look great.
  • You know the basics — don’t reupload, don’t be a dick, etc.
Character PSD - anicawrites

Here is a character psd I originally made for a character of mine (Fiona Lewis) anyhow if you would like to use it, please like or reblog this post. Do not steal/claim as your own as I have put a lot of effort into this. Feel free to change it up a little, add a background or something! The fonts used are Times New Roman and Mustang - DL



This PSD can be used with either images or gifs, provided you understand how clipping masks work. It looks best with images that contain a lot of blue and/or grey, though, in my opinion. The font used is Nexa Bold. If you use this PSD, please like or reblog this post and credit me where appropriate. Don’t hesitate to drop by my ask if you run into any problems!


Character PSD #003 - something good can work

It’s been a while since I posted one of these. I was flicking through some old holiday pictures and decided I really miss travelling so that’s what inspired this one. It is 500 x 220 px in size and uses the fonts Stephanie Dots and Clementine Sketch. Please like/reblog if using. Have fun chums!

If you steal, redistribute or claim my work as your own I will feed you to nagini. (◕‿◕✿)