Hey all, here’s my new character!

Meet Flinn; a biologist, and chemistry hobbyist who’s a sea-fairing genus of nymph I think? He works with a lab titled Biofin Industries, which mostly serves remedies for disease, and that’s his main profession. He’s remarkably stuck-up and doesn’t believe there’s anyone as dedicated as him to his line of work, and though he’d go above and beyond to get what he wants accomplished, he’s very far from the best

Greybby and Wrenbby

One anon asked me to elaborate on two of my fanbabies, Greypaw and Wrenpaw, and honestly I am mooore than willing to obey~ ;w; 

So the whole deal with these two are that they are born just two months after the LionxCinder lot, and they’re the source of a big-ass scandal. Dovewing, under the guise of being Bumblestripe’s mate, resumed her affair with Tigerheart of SC, which was then brought to light once and for all when they discovered Bumblestripe couldn’t possibly have fathered her she-kitten (My idea of Dovewing is that she’s a spoiled want-it-all princess anyway) And now it blows up in her face. Bumblestripe and his extended family is pissed because she tricked him, Tigerheart who still didn’t take their affair seriously and had hoped the kittens weren’t his at all tries to keep out but gets plenty of telling-off back home, and the rest of ThunderClan shakes their head at Dovewing’s actions. Ivypool’s her only support, and even that is tentative (because awkward sisterhood is AWKWARD)

So the two kids are brought up in ThunderClan well aware of their parental differences, and the clan tries to cope as well as they can. Greystripe treats them both as his grandkids, Wren is in no way discriminated (at least not on purpose) and Bumblestripe also tries, but tends to fail a bit, at acting like her dad. BumblexDove is history, and Dovewing has turned stonier as a result of the scandal, and has her paws full just keeping her head high, and indulging her kids. 


Warrior name: Greywing (cuz he’s inclusive and doesn’t judge you on anything)

Description: Blue silver smoke tom with bright yellow eyes

Personality: Boisterous big brother type

Greypaw was named by Bumblestripe in honor of Greystripe (and bc of their resemblance) and he’s the oldest kitten in his litter. He’s very outgoing and cheery, and plenty mischievous - at the same time, he can also be the responsible one if he feels like it, and is very protective of his sister, and his friends. His best friend is Flamepaw, but he gets on great with most of his generation, and his favourite relative is Gramps (Greystripe)


Warrior name: Wrenfeather (mostly cuz she’s nice lol)

Description: slender dark brown tabby she-cat with pale hazel eyes

Personality: Timid little sweetheart type

Wrenpaw got her name from auntie Ivypool, and while she’s the official “generational dark tabby” of her lineage, she doesn’t resemble it at all. She’s introverted and shy to the point she’s scared of showing her true feelings, bc she’s grown up hearing all about her half-clan blood and has an irrational fear of being cast out of the clan. But she is the sweetest thing in the world, and tries to get on with everyone; and there is just a hint of snark there, hidden behind the timidness. She’s very close with Rainpaw and his sisters, and her favourite relatives are auntie Ivypool and grandma Tawnypelt (they’ve met at gatherings, and it comforts her that her SC relatives actually like her)

Sorry for the ramble but I love my darlings~ Aah now I’m getting all embarrassed too darn. x3


Meet my new gal Riley Jones!!

Riley is an itinerant for Biofin Industries, and is skilled in retrieving intelligence for their labs from the surface world. She’s adventurous, rowdy, and will stuff her mouth full of mud to test it. Doesn’t matter what kind of mud. Riley is one of Flinn’s colleagues and while Flinn isn’t a social butterfly, she considers the two of them very close friends.

I’m still working on more characters from this ‘verse!

Flame’n Plume

So this anon asked about the other fanbabies, Flamepaw and Plumepaw, and I see no reason not to indulge a little in my other kitty ocs them too~ qwq I drew them in their “re-redesign” design this time since WR is on ice and I wanted to see how they’d look in a proper drawing. 

Flame and Plume are born almost two months after Grey and Wren, to Squirrelflight and Shrewpelt, who were overjoyed to have kittens, since Squirrel had thought herself unable to bear them in the first place. Unlike their fellow denmates, there follows no drama with this birth, and the two kittens are born and raised healthy and happy. Flame, with the help of Grey of course manages to get into all sort of well-meaning trouble, but that’s about it. 

The two don’t really think of themselves as big sister and little brother, but have more of a “twin mindset” in that they’re two siblings who were born nearly at the same time. 


Warrior name: ??? Since Flame isn’t -my- character but rather mainly Laika’s, I cannot just name him as I see fit without her. ;) But personally I can see him as both Flamewhisker and Flameheart. 

Description: Medium-longhaired ruddy-brown ticked tabby tom with amber eyes

Personality: Curious adventurer type

Flamepaw’s name was given him in honour of Firestar and his coat colour, but he’s not too much like his namesake; while helpful and generous, Flamepaw is also rather absent-minded, and hasn’t that sense of loyalty and dedication to his Clan. In fact, he often catches himself wondering what’s over in the next valley, and his paws itch to go see. His best friend is Greypaw, and his favourite relative is grandma Sandstorm. 


Warrior name: Plumetail (as a prefix follow-up since she has the Clan’s fluffiest tail)

Description: Fluffy blue ticked tabby she-cat with lemon-green eyes and a full tail

Personality: Witty little boss type

She got her name for her tail, which is even fuller than her ma’s, and she loves to flaunt it. The downside is that her fluffy coat demands twice the maintenance… Plumepaw’s personality is that middle-ground between girly and tomboyish, so she’s hard to nail. She can gossip just as much as playfight with the boys, and is very good at bossing others around. Compared to her brother, Plume is rather more down-to-earth and focused on the present. Her best friend is Cloudypaw, and her favourite relatives are her parents and “uncle” Cloudtail.

And here comes the embarrassment again noooo. >w<;