Well folks, I’ve completed my journey, early. I flew to Denver, hitchhiked north up through Wyoming, all the way across the state and near Salt Lake City in one day and night. I got stuck near SLC, so I took a train to Sacramento, then up to Portland. I’m here in Portland now, and while my plan was to continue down the coast to LAX to fly to New Zealand for WWOOF'ing, I’ve cancelled that and found an apartment on Hawthorne street. Portland is ridiculously beautiful and I can’t leave!! This trip was epic, and I hope you enjoy my photos. I have more, and since the West and the PNW and PDX is so gorgeous, I’ll be producing landscapes and shit that will make me  (and hopefully you) weep with joy. I’m just drooling thinking about the possibility of buying a motorcycle and a medium format camera… Damn, it’s good to be alive!