This is one of my favorite moments in the whole episode. Not the just the fact that when she sees Killian she jumps to his arms and hugs him as hard as she can. She needed him and she’s so happy and so relieved to see him. But the fact that David helped to put her in Killian’s arms. Because, a night that began with him asking what Killian’s intentions were with his daughter, ends with him putting her in his arms. Because during this whole night, during this nightmare they went through together to save Emma, David saw how much Killian loves her. He knows how is to love a person that much. He wants the best for his little girl and Killian is the best for his little girl. I just think this moment is really important for the relationship of these three, as a family. 

My cousin (who also has CFS) has had an idea to make a documentary about ME/CFS and has made a Google+ community for people to share experiences and things (I’m just going to copy and paste what he wrote because I’m pretty foggy atm)

I want to produce a documentary all about Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Conditions of an unknown cause that an estimated 250,000 people in the UK alone suffer from, and is often undiagnosed.  I find with my own experience of the condition that people don’t really get what it is like to live with this.  The aim of this documentary will be to create an easy way for people to understand what we go through.  I should make it clear that I have no past experience in making documentaries, but I have plenty in making videos.  I am looking for people affected by ME or CFS (Or similar conditions) who are able to contribute information & personal experiences through the use of written pieces, interviews and video logs to the documentary, which will be published free of charge on YouTube when finished  Joining the group is not a committal to provide, you can join just to keep up with production or contribute ideas.  There will be opportunities to contribute to the film no matter of how much of your identity you want to reveal.  Thanks for reading! -Andrew (Producer)

Click here for the link to the page

We’re hoping it will make it easier for healthy people to understand ME/CFS.

If you’d like to contribute please join the community or send me a message or something. As he mentioned above, if you don’t have ME/CFS but do have a similar illness you’re also welcome to participate!

Feel free to share this post if you want to, obviously the more people we can get involved the more experiences can be included :)


My cousin made a trailer thingy for the documentary he’s planning to make. It’s about ME/CFS and hopefully will help raise awareness and help people understand what it’s like.

If you want to be a part of this in any way, or have any questions, he set up a Google+ community for it, the link is here. Or if you’d prefer, you can send me a message. :)