The Mycenaean tholos tomb (fancifully) named the ‘Treasury of Atreus’, located in Mycenae, Greece.

This tomb dates to ca. 1300-1250 BC. Elite Mycenaean families who lived around this era, perhaps not too long before the presumed date of the Trojan War, buried their dead in beehive-like tombs which were covered by huge earthen mounds. There are about 9 such known examples in Mycenae, but there are much more elsewhere. This example is the most famous and best preserved of these tombs, with a 43-foot high dome. It was unfortunately robbed -we have no information regarding its burials or accompanying grave goods. Except for the elite status of the Mycenaean, we are thus left essentially clueless as to whom this tomb was owned by. 

Photos taken by Klearchos KapoutsisMichael Clarke.

Hairy mycena by Steve Axford 
Closeup of tiny mycena fungi. This species is (as yet) unidentified and is about 1cm high, though specimens do reach 2-3cm high and up to 4mm across the cap. The hairs are infertile cells that appear to discourage predation by insects or small animals. These were found near Booyong in northern NSW and are the first of this group of fungi that have been found in Australia.


Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:

The Town Mosaic

An assemblage of painted faience plaques probably from the inlaid decoration of a piece of luxury wooden furniture. The composition depicts houses of a town in a natural landscape with animals and human figures. Of particular interest are the architectural details of the houses presented, such as the ashlar masonry, timber, doors and multiple windows. Rectangular structures on the roof probably housed the staircase. The composition recalls those of the “West House” in Thera and the “Siege Rhyton” from Mycenae.

Knossos Palace (1700-1600 B.C)  

You know what I’d greatly appreciate? A section of the AH (it doesn’t have to be the AH) devoted to selling gems via listing. That is:

You can put up a listing of however many gems you want to sell at whatever ratio you please. For example, say I have 3kg in total. I want to convert 2kg of it to treasure. So I just head over to the gems sales, put up a listing for 2kg at aahh.. let’s say I want 1:650. So people can just pick my listing, select however many gems they want to buy out of the 2kg I have listed in stock (whether it’s the entire thing, or a portion) at my set ratio, voila~ Painless gem sale right there.

No way to get scammed, and you don’t have to hunt for the lowest ratio. eoe

(what about treasure to gems you ask? uhhh, tbh going the other direction seems strange from the site’s pov. like, having an easier way to exchange premium to standard currency would be great because that would mean people would want to buy more gems yeah? but having that same method make exchanges from standard to premium currency just as simple might cut into gem sales which the admins likely won’t want. also, the concept of ‘selling treasure’ sounds strange no matter how you spin it, even though we do it for gems in the forums all the time.) ^^;

So tonight I’m making a huge emergency commission post. I am drowning in credit card debt and I am really freaking out about moving out and whether or not I have enough money and I am so stressed I’m literally getting sick like it’s fucking with my health and my immune system and I am really not okay rn

Tagging Aywas & MC because I’m also going to make posts on those sites (I already have one up on MC)

Can’t help with USD and are on Aywas? Add my to your GCC ticket or your PBC breeding! I don’t get paid much for PBC but honestly every little bit helps!

Interested in my art on MC? I just finished setting up a brand new art thread with a couple different types of commission