Babes, This is a conversation of a fan with Sheamus today.

She is a so sweet person. Her name is Kelly.

Here is her tumblr:

“So…when we went to the photo op, I asked Sheamus why he unfollowed me and he said he unfollowed all of his fans because he was getting a
lot of horrible messages, so he had to and he didn’t want anyone else getting them, then he said "Don’t Worry I Still Love You” Awwwww!!!!!!
Then we went over to get our autographs, when we got up there he said “Hi how have you been?” I asked him if he remembered signing Wade’s shirt, he said he remembered, So I showed him the pic of his shirt with Wade’s signature on it, so he said that Wade is a great guy & they ot hired in together! He said he and Wade are pretty good friends. After that, I asked him what cologne he wears, he said Chanel Bleu, why? Are you going to spray it on your pillow? I told him that I was asking for my friends and he smiled! We talked a few more minutes after And we actually got one more interaction with him after that! After everyone left, we were sitting outside, Sheamus was leaving, saw us & said “Hi” as he was leaving!! Such a wonderful day!!! We had a blast seeing Sheamus again! He said he has felt really blessed with all of the messages that he has received on Twitter from fans wishing him the best of luck and telling him they miss him and to get better soon! After my Sheamus autograph is when I went to the autograph signing for Sean Astin. He is a super nice guy and was really funny!“