I know I’m a little late but why not! 2013 was pretty great to me ☺️💛😍👍💃 #ihavethebestfriends #mycb #family #2013 #disneyland #adventures #unforgettable

shes so cute and smart and prett uand weird and dorky and cool and jsut eveeythin gbaout her is amaizng????? i used to admire er so much snd@then i started dating her and shes a doek shes the best dork i admir wher ao much mor enow rbh eveeytime i see her or hear her my atimach does the fluttery thing and i waana pla wit hher hair and i wanan watch her draw and i wanna listen to her talk and i wanan kiss her forhead and i wanna tel lher itll be okie and i wanna cook with her and dancewith her and live with her i love her si mycb