Merry christmas Usagi and Mamoru, what are your plans for christmas this year? I have at least one out of my 3 brothers coming home for christmas this year! Talk to you again after christmas!

Hello! I’m not sure if you really meant to send this to me or not since this isn’t actually a character ask blog, but you inspired me to do this anyway. I’m glad you’ll be able to see at least one of your brothers for the holidays and I hope you have a good one!

And Happy Holidays to all of my other followers as well! Stay save and have fun!

mycarrie  asked:

Sebastian, what time do you go to bed at? I, myself, am a night owl and don't get to bed until almost 4:00 in the morning sometimes. I love cats just as much as you and i have one named lucy! I love her alot! Please tell me why you like cats so much? Be honest! Carrie

I do not go to bed, you see. There is much to be done after the Young Master and the servants are asleep.

Lucy sounds lovely, and I am glad to hear that she is getting the love and care she much deserves. To answer your question, there are several reasons as to why I adore cats, one of those reasons being that they do not make nearly enough noise as humans.