“I saw her as somebody who has a…she’s a disappointed woman actually, and you have to sort of think of about her before she got disappointed. Because you have to have some understanding as to why she is as she is now, to play the role, really. And I think that of course, I think that she married when she married, she married very happily. And I think what has happened is that there’s two individuals who have found that they want different things out of life. So then that relationship becomes very difficlut to sustain. And if one finds it very difficult to adapt and is very ridged and the other one just goes where the wind blows him it sort of makes for a very difficult mixture. So that’s what I felt about Jean. She’s a driven person, poor thing. And I think when she goes to India she thinks perhaps that things might get better but forgetting that wherever you go you take yourself with you and if you’re in an unhappy situation that is not going not to be left behind. You carry that with you wherever you go and you have to find some way of facing that and I think she does in the end.” – Penelope Wilton.

“Debra Moggach’s novel and Ol Parker illuminated much more in the script that he made her a rounded character and not just an out and out 2 dimensional person that is easy to sort of kick off from for the other characters. It is always easy then that you sort of have some hate thing which everyone can then sort of laugh at where is actually where he made her far more complicated than that. And she’s not really a villian she’s just terribly unhappy. And when you’re unhappy yourself it’s very difficult to find happiness or enjoyment in anything, really, or in other people’s enjoyment. You can’t really see because you’re having such a difficult time yourself. And I can relate to that I think that everyone has been through a time when life has been difficult and it’s very hard to see any joy and hopefully these things don’t last too long and perhaps Jean will find another life.” – Penelope Wilton.

Hold on Maggie, Judi and Penny! I'm coming!

I will leave in forty five minutes for the train to the city, where i will have lunch with my bestie and then we are off to see ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’.

I am about as excited about this film as about Downton’s third series.

(I dreamt Carson comforted me when i was crying… things are really starting to get weird on me…)

I should clean my place because I will have a guest in the evening, but what am I doing instead? Watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…it’s a pleasure to see this film alone for its marvelous cast…watching Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson and Penelope Wilton sitting on a bench next to each other is indeed already worth it!!! Everything about this movie is perfect!