Strawhat Pirates, Harry Potter AU

Since I’m a fan of both One Piece and Harry Potter, I think it’d be fun to do this. well a lot of artists already did HP AU but this time I just wanted to sort them all myself :))

monster trio should be in Gryffindor together, they can’t be separated. with Luffy as a famous Seeker, Zoro the Qudditch captain, and Sanji as “another potion prince?”. at first I wanna put Sanji into Ravenclaw but, nope, Gryffindor would be best. and Nami, idk she really fits in Slytherin. lucky Slytherin to have her. Robin is a pure Ravenclaw don’t ask. and Brook reminds me of Moaning Myrtle so I put him in Ravenclaw. Brook also wants to join the frog choir. Hufflepuff trio at the back, would make the house more fun. Usopp and Chopper would be herbology buddies. anyway Chopper is a big fan of Honeydukes. and Franky there, he’s cosplaying Dumbledore..

anyway, both One Piece and Harry Potter turned 20 this year! 

Draw for We’ll Look Back and Laugh at Ourselves, by JuHuaTai 

This MarcoAce Fic is really well written. It’s too funny and sweet, I can’t stop laughing lol Must read!! XD!

Summary here :            

Between his new boyfriend and his workaholic boss, Marco felt like he was surrounded by family issues of the father and son dispute variety. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Or maybe he should’ve listened to the office gossip more. Maybe then he’d figure it out sooner.

If the Straw Hats Were Teachers at Hogwarts:


  • Teaches: Potions. Also the head of Hufflepuff
  • Very precise with measurements, ingredients and despises when a student cuts the ingredients the wrong way
  • Sucks at explaining things but very good in giving/showing examples. Also swears quite a bit during class.
  • Usually doesn’t give homework.


  • Teaches: History of Magic. Also head of Ravenclaw
  • If someone says history is boring, 50 points off their house and detention for 3 days.
  • Strict but still a motherly figure to all her students.
  • Gives her students lots of homework but usually doesn’t check it


  • Teaches: Muggle Studies 
  • Tries to be professional but he’s painfully awkward with his students.
  • To lighten the mood, he tries telling jokes, hence the: “may I see your panties?”
  • Gives homework and has small optional amusing tasks to complete along with it (e.g. write a foot long essay on the various transportation devices muggles have and draw a duck in the top left hand corner of your parchment) 

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