Positive and Negative Traits of the Houses


  • Positive: Can be creative, open-minded, witty, independent, opinionated, good conversationalists, intelligent, passionate, and forward-thinking
  • Negative: Can be antisocial, have a superiority complex, rude in the face of those deemed “ignorant,” far more interested in reading their own books rather than the books they’re supposed to read for class, bad at small talk, and too busy daydreaming to pay attention to their surroundings


  • Positive: Can be perserverant, ambitious, great leaders, loyal friends, good listeners, risk-takers, fair, and teamwork-oriented
  • Negative: Can be power-hungry, clique-y, ambitious to the point of having little to no concern for others, bossy, and can get so obsessed with success (in school or work) that they cut themselves off from other aspects of their life


  • Positive: Can be brave, daring, have a strong moral compass, eager to stand up for friends and those who can’t stand up for themselves, strong sense of justice, individualistic
  • Negative: Can be over-dramatic, more concerned about glory than the act of doing good itself, moral compass may not actually point in the more moral direction, reckless risk-takers, self-obsessed, and easily bored


  • Positive: Can be loyal, kind, fair, helpful, charitable, selfless, hardworking, people-smart, friends to all sorts, family and comfort-oriented, passionate about people and other living creatures, and good team members
  • Negative: Can be too conflict averted, easily walked all over, afraid to be alone, forgiving and faithful in people to the point of naivety, passive-aggressive, too safe in their avoidance of taking risks, don’t always speak their mind, and easily frustrated with tasks when they have to take them on on their own
Thunderstorms (TMNT x Reader)

Request: Do you think, if you have the time threw out all your request… You could make a fic about the reader being terrified about thunderstorms and lighting? I just thought it would be a cute story to read about the turtle(s) trying to comfort the reader.

A/N: Yay another fic! :D I hope you like this one, it’s with all the turtles! Pretty platonic too, like you’re their little sibling and they’re like your older bros c:

The loud clap of thunder and flash of lightening made you scream and jump about three feet from the ground. You hated being home alone during storms. Your uncle was working through the night at his mechanic shop, and wouldn’t be home until the morning.

You thought about calling up the turtles, but you didn’t want them to come out in this weather.

You remembered your friends very fondly. You and your uncle met them about four years ago when a group of thugs tried to rob your uncle’s shop. They swooped in and kicked butt. They were only very young teenagers at the time, and were a little reckless. They probably would have gotten away without being seen by you and your uncle if one of the thugs hadn’t grabbed you and threatened to shoot your brains out if the turtles didn’t back down. You didn’t remember who it was you saved you, because you were freaking out. But after the thugs had been knocked out, Mikey and Donnie had gotten you guys out of the shop while Leo and Raph tied up the thugs. Your uncle called the cops, and you managed to make the turtles promise to visit you again.

Ever since then, you all have been great friends. They knew almost everything about you, especially your fear of thunderstorms.

A loud tap on the dining room glass door made you jump. You grabbed a knife and spun around, facing the door. You sighed in relief as you spotted the four dorks stood there, smiling and waving at you. However, they were soaking wet. You wasted no time in running over to the door and opening it for them.

“What are you guys doing out in this weather?!” you ran to the bathroom and grabbed four towels for them.

“We remembered you saying you were all alone tonight, so we decided to come visit!” Mikey grinned at you and wrapped you up in a tight hug after he dried himself off.

“Aww, how sweet of you boys!” you giggled as you returned the hug. Another clap of thunder sounded, and you shrieked, hiding your face in Mikey’s shoulder.

“And plus we remembered how terrified of thunder storms you are. We figured it would it help you feel better if you weren’t alone,” Leo patted your shoulder.

“Thanks,” you blushed in embarrassment. You were always ashamed of admitting your fear of storms.

“So what do you want to do? Let’s do something fun!” Mikey pulled away from you and made his way to the living room.

“I don’t recommend playing video games or turning on the tv!” Donnie shouted after Mikey.

“Awww, come on, dude!” Mikey groaned. You giggled and Leo and Raph rolled their eyes.

“I have some old board games if anyone’s interested. I mean, we don’t have to play any of them,” you shrugged your shoulders.

“Sounds boring,” Mikey pouted.

“It can’t be that bad. We gotta find sometime to pass the time until the storm blows over,” Raph smirked at you. You smiled back at him before walking over to the gaming closet. Another clap of thunder made you jump. At least you didn’t scream this time. The turtles all let out a chuckle, laughing slightly as you did this.

“Don’t laugh at me you jerks!” you grabbed a pillow off of the couch and threw it at the general direction of th brothers. You didn’t mean to hit anyone, but you ended up hitting Raph in the face.

You froze when the pillow fell down, and Raph gave you a nasty glare. That glare slowly turned into a smirk as he reached down and threw the pillow back at you.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” Mikey cheered. Suddenly, all five of you had grabbed pillows from off the couches and chairs and began throwing them like crazy at each other. You and Mikey were more into it than the other three turtles, but you all didn’t hold back

You and the turtles ran around the house, grabbing more pillows and throwing them or hitting each other. You didn’t know how long you five were at it, but it had to be a while as the time was much later than when the turtles had first arrived.

“Hey, Leo, heads up!” Donnie tackled the fearless leader from behind and Mikey threw two pillows on top of his brother’s head. You laughed as this happened. Donnie got up and also threw his pillow on top of Leo.

“Hey! Get these off of me!” Leo shouted, but was laughing through it all. You and Raph looked to each other and shrugged, also throwing any other pillows you may have had on top of the turtle in blue.

“Wow, Leo, you sure make a great pillow!” You chuckled as you flopped on top of him.

“Okay now you get off,” Leo pushed himself off the floor and you rolled off onto the floor.

The turtles laughed as you sat up and gave Leo a pouty face.

“Aww, is someone upset?” Leo mimicked your facial expression.

“Shut up, Leonardo,” you growled and picked up another pillow, but another clap of thunder sounded, a much louder one, and the power suddenly went out.

You let out a scream of bloody murder and lunged forward and clung onto someone. You didn’t know exactly who, but you were terrified and quite frankly didn’t care.

“(Y/N), hey, calm down! We’re right here,” Donnie’s voice sounded from right above you, and you could feel his chest move as he talked. You hid your face and jumped slightly as the thunder boomed outside.

“I hate thunder storms,” you whined. Donnie patted your head as the two of you sat down on the floor.

Someone else sat down on the other side of you, “They really aren’t that bad. Ya know, all the dead people could be bowling in the sky!”

“Mikey, shut up,” Raph sat down beside Mikey and slapped him upside the head.

“Well, that’s what could be happening,” Mikey mumbled in a rather childish voice.

“Raphael, Michelangelo, grow up. (Y/N) is obviously freaked out and you’re probably making it worse,” Leo scolded the two.

You giggled, “You guys are fine.”

For the next hour or so, the five of you all laid on the floor, all huddled together and listening to the rain fall on the roof, ground, and windows. During that time, you found yourself falling asleep with your head against Mikey’s shoulder.

The turtles most certainly helped calm you down during thunderstorms.

What signs other signs are attracted to

This isn’t to say you cannot be attracted to different signs! These are just the most common!

Aries: Gemini, Leo, and Scorpio

Taurus: Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn

Gemini: Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius

Cancer: Pisces, Scorpio, and Aquarius

Leo: Scorpio, Capricorn, and other Leos those uppity lil rats.

Virgo: Gemini, Pisces, and Taurus

Libra: Aquarius, Aries, and Taurus

Scorpio: Capricorn, Leo, and Pisces

Sagittarius: Gemini, Aries, Taurus, and Virgo

Capricorn: Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo

Aquarius: Aries, Gemini, and Libra

Pisces: Aquarius, Cancer, and Scorpio

This information was received from the “Secret Language of Birthdays”. -Alex

teaching the signs

Aries: Self-guided learning, present lessons as series of discoveries and let them guide it
Taurus: Art learning! Just learn something and then turn it into art for a while. Do something then explain it. Read it to each other. Show it to each other. Present yuour learning artistically
Gemini: Discussion… encourage lots of thoughts “around” the original topic and circle back gently… and then have them write about it with special encouragement to talk about all of the extra things they thought were interesting
Cancer: Talk about it gently and then release it into imaginative play
Leo: Assign them to explain it to each other in small groups
Virgo: Speak to them about it intelligently and let them ask questions
Libra: Work alone and buddy system re-grouping, explain to the other what you’re learning or discuss with the other what you learned
Scorpio: Let them watch other students learn and give them lots of study/mingle time
Sagittarius: Give them a premise, some facts, and some resources, and ask them to investigate a question.
Capricorn: Give the minimum of information and facilitate their extrapolating it
Aquarius: Just talk about it and let them also talk about it
Pisces: Talk about it and let them describe back to you what you’re saying and then go with their descriptions

why the signs should smile

aries - you’re always in control and you know it

taurus - spices exist! sauces exist! so many flavors in the world and you can try them all!

gemini - no one hates you as much as you think they do, probably not at all

cancer - you can cry all you want and people can just blame it on your sign

leo - you’re so hot it’s unreal

virgo - the human race is relying on you to stay organized and in line and you’re dang proud of it aren’t you

libra - there’s no limit to the people you can kiss

scorpio - your secrets are safe, don’t worry

sagittarius - there literally is no limit to the places you can go people have been on the mOON

capricorn - as stress builds up it can dissipate just as easily and all you need is the power of your mind to do that

aquarius - it’s okay, we all know you have feelings too, we’re just teasing

pisces - you’re just as human as everyone else and if you ever feel pushed away remember that there are billions of people in the world

sign's favorite subject at hogwarts

aries - charms

taurus - history of magic 

gemini - study of ancient runes

cancer - potions

leo - defense against the dark arts

virgo - arithmancy

libra - astronomy

scorpio - herbology

sagittarius - transfiguration

capricorn - flying

aquarius - divination

pisces - care of magical creatures