mycah and ainsley


They went out to the Winter Festival for a date a few days before Snowflake Day. It was 7 degrees when the date began, so no outerwear for a while.

“Spin me like on of your French girls!”

“What? Is that a reference to something?”

“When this date is over, we’re watching Titanic together so you can be cultured. Anyway, let’s spin!”

“Are you sure? You suck at skating.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Yes *grunt* you do”


Look who lives next door to the Thomases! It’s the Martells! I haven’t seen these guys in a while, and I figured that I could use some other kids for the girls to be friends with. Also, Mycah’s best friend is George, so I had to have some incarnation of George in my game.

ETA- for anybody joining my blog late, the Martells were one of my better shots at a freeplay game and I used them to play-test Lucky Palms. Their save began bugging out, so I ditched them for Mycah. But now, with my new laptop, they’re back.

A few weeks later, the voice was back.

“What are dinosaurs supposed to do?”

“They smash things? I don’t know. I like Ruby, I shouldn’t wreck her stuff.”

“I really don’t know what you mean by that, but I guess that means that you would know better than me if she understands ‘dramatic context’.”


“What the heck is going in my room?” Lavender could hear Ruby running down the hall to the door.

“Rawr?” Lavender backed up quickly as the door opened.