mckinnonsprewett requested: battlestar galactica + favourite familial relationship


Athena: Hera’s alive. I’m her mother, and I’m going to get her.
Helo: Sharon, baby, listen to me okay? We could take a raptor, we can fly to the baseship ourselves. I don’t - I don’t care any more.
Athena: We can’t.
Helo: We’ll find another way.  We will.
Athena: There is no other way.
Helo: Don’t ask me to do this, Sharon.
Athena: Listen to me.


I’m not going. All of this is just going to happen again, and again, and again… So I’m getting off this m e r r y - g o - r o u n d.  I’m gonna die here with the bones of my ancestors and it beats the hell out of being out there with Cavil. I’m gonna die in the cold and the dark before Cavil catches up with us.