Moo! by murphygb
Via Flickr:
Whilst driving past Loch Bheannchair a batch of Highland Cows shouted at us and beckoned us over. We obliged, parked the car and then this particular cow let out a magnificent roar and then stuck out it’s tongue! View more Scotland Images here


So I got this e-mail from a Henry Cameron, and I was wary at first, and the second time I was just pretty convinced, but decided to give him a chance and see if he’s for real or he’s a scam.

What mostly tipped me off was the format of his message. Seemed messy and grammatically off. He couldn’t tell me “what piece of work” she saw, even though I asked twice. And he said he wanted to purchase piece that was named in the subject field.
Um…? There’s nothing there.

So if you get a message from Henry Cameron,, please delete it.

UPDATE: Henry Cameron changed his name to Henry Bellick. His Google+ page says he has had one follower as Cameron and now Bellick, Ruby Restrepo.

Be careful everyone, if you get a message anywhere close to what I got please ignore it. I know it’s exciting, but be wary at all times!!!