This is my first ’Follow Forever’ list!
When I first came onto the scene I was scared, intimidated by the people who have been here before me. It seemed like everyone had their own little group and I thought I was never going to be a part of any. Looking back now, I was totally wrong, letting apart all those dramas, there were people who opened their arms for me and became my support and friends!
I’m not good with words, but I want to thank everyone for ’adopting’ me in this family, for making me believe in myself and to not give up on this blog. You made me smile, laugh and some made me cry, but you always trusted me and helped me stand up after every fall. Besides very talented editors, they are also helpful and funny people on whom I can rely. Even if I haven’t talked to some of them, their blogs are admired by me.
Happy Holiday to all of you, I love you! 

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