I just finished the perks of being a wallflower and I have so many feelings about it, it’s honestly one of the most beautiful books I ever read. I cried and laughed so many times, and not always at different moments. Everything about it is just so touching, I don’t know if I’ll see it in theaters because I will be such a mess! I’m always a terrible mess, though, I even cried when I saw Hannah Montana: The Movie. But that’s not the point.

Just read the book. I don’t know if the translations are good (I don’t think the French one is because the title itself is an epic fail) but I can assure you that’s it a real beauty in English.

I should make a “books I read” page or tag or something! To motivate me lol


Books I will gladly recommend - the Wind on Fire

Bowman cried too easily - everyone told him so - but what was he to do? He felt everything too much. He didn’t mean to, but when he looked at somebody else, anybody else, he found he knew what they were feeling, and all too often it was a fear or a sadness. And then he would understand what it was they were afraid of or sad about, and he would feel it, too, and he would start to cry. It was all very awkward.