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1) Favorite stand alone?
I haven’t read that many books but the one I liked the most so far is Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. It’s a stand alone graphic novel.

2) Least Favorite Stand Alone? The book I like the least would be Soundless by Richelle Read. Was totes disappointed.

3) An Author that is popular but you dont care for? I guess I’m just saying this because I’m new to the bookish community, but I honestly don’t care about authors. I’m really focused on the book itself. I’ve read John Green books that I liked and didn’t like, so yeah.

4) Adult coloring books, like or not?
I bought like three but only used one so far. I’m still torn whether I should use pens or pencils.

5) Favorite Social Media Site?
Definitely instagram.

6) Can you read with other people around?
Yes. But if they’re talking even if they’re not talking directly at me I get distracted.

7) Least Favorite movie?
Oh shit idk. I guess I’ve never watched a movie that I didn’t like?

8) Ebooks or Physical books?
Physical books all the way. When I read from my phone I get distracted easily because of the apps and the internet.

9) Perfer cold or warm weather?
Warm over cold. I prefer wearing less clothing.

10) Favorite Subject in school?
Definitely English and Social studies (in high school anyway).

11) Do you write( Stories/poerty/music ect)?
I used to write fanfics five years ago but I’m horrible.


1. You get to live in the world within a book. Which book would it be and why?

2. You’re stranded on an island and you only brought one book with you. What’s the title of that book?

3. A book you would recommend to your parents or siblings.

4. A book you’ve read this year that you wouldn’t recommend to your friends.

5. Top two authors you want to meet in person.

6. Such a sinful question, I know, but… a book in your bookshelf you’d let burn to ashes.

7. If given a chance, which book’s ending would you change and how/what would you change about it?

8. A book you want to be adapted into a movie or a tv series.

9. What’s the last book you want to read before you die?

10. A pairing or OTP you want as your parents.

11. A character in a book you’d like to play as.

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