Guys guys guys! Big competition, me and my Bf are having a race to 100 followers, hes on 93 and im on 94, ive always been ahead of him and this is like… i cant let this happen! remember all followers get a follow back plus a hello message and if anyone wants to talk to me say hi on KiK: F0X13

Team Foxxie FTW! :D

I added 2 new pages in my blog, the first one is Magazines and the second one is RDJ Videos

As I have so many magazines (old and new) of RDJ (they are all over the place on my blog) I decided to include them all in one page, so it will be easy for my followers to check them out.

Also, I did upload more than 50 videos of RDJ (behind the scenes, interview and extra clips) and posted the links to download them in so many posts during this year, so I thought I will post all the videos in one page as well.

and oh my god, I need a new icon seriously


About to leave for the airport to catch my flight to Toronto! If you want to be kept up to date on what’s happening than make sure you’re subscribe to my youtube channel The Gap Year  as I’ll be posting EVERY SINGLE DAY of my trip! 

If any of y'all live in the Toronto area, or are going to the One Direction concert there than make sure to send me a message so we can trap a coffee together :)