Car buying adventures

mybodymyfortress replied to your post: Ooooh poop!

Get a delorean! I’ll hook you up with a working flux capacitor. ;)

Sweet! Now we just have to convince Mrs. RRR that this is a good idea.

markicksass replied to your post: Ooooh poop!

What kind of a car do you currently have?

We have a 2000 SAAB Wagon in British Racing Green. It’s in good shape - but has been a budget buster recently. The good news is that the repair bill this time was only $200… but there is yet another $350 that will have to follow soon. Sooooooo off to the dealership we went today.

reinventingaimee replied to your post: Ooooh poop!

Ugh….cars! Just got rid of mine for the same reason.

My commiserations:(

ribenadrinker replied to your post: Ooooh poop!

What’s wrong with a bit of public transport for a while?

Nothing wrong with public transport - I get to work everyday by bus and that means a 1 mile walk twice a day; Mrs RRR walks the kids to school pretty much every school day, which means she walks three miles, and the girls walk a mile and a half daily.

But we’re in a suburban - not an urban - setting and and being carless, especially with kids, isn’t an option; we need a car almost daily and doing anything/going anywhere on the weekend is impractical and virtually impossible without a car.

iamrunner replied to your post: Ooooh poop!

Sorry about the car. Loving your attitude about it though.

Somebody (a lot) wiser than me said, “life is 5% what happens to you and 95% how you react to that.” In this I’m a firm believer.

karikeepsrunning replied to your post: Ooooh poop!

Good luck!!

Thanks! I’d forgotten what drama there is in car buying. And the winner today is … a VW Jetta just like this (but with no sunroof)

Beer appreciation

So much choice, not enough time:) 

I started my working life in the bar business and it’s where I came to appreciate a good beer or five two. I was also spoilt for choice living in London with many good brewers all around.

Here in the US there is so much variety and a wonderful fusion of traditional European beers being mixed and updated with new ideas. I’m finding that I love many beers I would never have even thought of trying. It is a great time to be a beer explorer.