Less Tumblr and more of....

I find myself on my computer or phone, scrolling through Tumblr literally any moment I’m bored. I need to get back in the habit of doing other things more often, and paying less micro-focused attention on reading and posting on blogs in my free time. For a few days I am going to significantly minimize my use of Tumblr. (I’m sure not many people would notice anyway lol I’m already dissipating off everyone’s radar pretty quickly)

Things to do instead:

  1. Read through my books.
  2. Cook a recipe.
  3. Take a walk around the neighborhood
  4. Fiddle with style and wigs and makeup.
  5. Dance.
  6. Take a nap.
  7. Write things with an actual pen on actual paper.
  8. Study Korean

Leaving this here for me to see as a reminder.

Soooo…! Congratulations to my lovely friend @mybodyinseoul … (Do tumblr peeps know your name?) I tried to log in to tumblr from my iPad. And BAM!!! LIKE I SAID, LIFE GOAL IS CHECKED FOR U. DROP OUT OF UNI AND DIE HAPPY. AHAH. congratulaaaations anyway!!!
P.S. for the uneducated ones, it’s Russian language u see on my screen

seoulbrina replied to your photoOreo mint choco latte! This was amazing and only…

where the hell did you find a drink like that for 3,800? A green tea latte is costing me 5,000 -_-

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Sinchon, on the road where Art Box and Taco Bell are located. It’s a chain, so there are other locations as well. 그리다꿈. Unfortunately the one I went to was just a storefront, so there weren’t any seats for studying or chilling, but the price and taste can’t be beat!