Soooo…! Congratulations to my lovely friend @mybodyinseoul … (Do tumblr peeps know your name?) I tried to log in to tumblr from my iPad. And BAM!!! LIKE I SAID, LIFE GOAL IS CHECKED FOR U. DROP OUT OF UNI AND DIE HAPPY. AHAH. congratulaaaations anyway!!!
P.S. for the uneducated ones, it’s Russian language u see on my screen

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where the hell did you find a drink like that for 3,800? A green tea latte is costing me 5,000 -_-

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Sinchon, on the road where Art Box and Taco Bell are located. It’s a chain, so there are other locations as well. 그리다꿈. Unfortunately the one I went to was just a storefront, so there weren’t any seats for studying or chilling, but the price and taste can’t be beat!

© mybodyinseoul “Mouse Rabbit Coffee” in Kondae, Seoul.

Owned by the family of Yesung of Super Junior.

-Cute, simple, clean style.
-Eco-friendly (apparently?)
- Wifi, multiple size tables for sitting alone, in a pair, or with a group.
- I went with my friend at about 10:30 am, and there were very few people, but once it hit about 11:30, people (mostly girls, SuJu fangirls I suppose) started to pour in and the place got a little noisier. If you go and want it to be quiet, I would definitely avoid the prime cafe hours! 
-The cakes and coffees are handmade/brewed and very delicious!
- Pricing is the same as your average other cafe in Seoul 


FB and I went to Namsan and Seoul Tower yesterday to celebrate our 200th day together as a couple~! Exactly 200 days ago was when he asked me officially to be his girlfriend, and we also went to Namsan on that day as well. (For those of you who may be unaware, in Korea couples celebrate days like the 100th, 200th, 500th days as anniversary days as well as annually) Yesterday we bought a lock and wrote the date and our names on it and locked it up on the bridge with the thousands of other rusting locks. The weather was beautiful and everything felt perfect.

Have I written the story of how he asked me out? I have to go check back in my text posts, but I don’t think I have… 

When both of these pictures were taken, at least one other random person from nearby took a picture of us with their phone as well… ? 

My last full day in Korea.

A while ago I would never have thought my last day and night in Korea would be this calm. I packed and cleaned today (and still have a lot left to do even though I have to leave at like 8am in like 7 hours…. haha..)
FB came over, and we went to Myeongdong to exchange some of my Korean money back into American dollars, and also visited the store where FB worked (as a fitting model lololol) and visited his coworkers and managers who all know me and greeted them. We had a simple lunch at a new kimbab place that’s on the main shopping road of Myeongdong, but it sucked. It was the kind of kimbab that is only kim and rice and then you just eat it with some side dishes they give you (mushrooms and pickles……do not like). I was sorely disappointed with that and ended up buying myself a corn dog covered in french fries, fyeah. 

I mailed a box home at the post office, took a short-ish nap (fb was out like a light in 30 seconds, because he hadn’t gone to sleep until 6am, ~again~), and then for my final dinner in Korea, FB had made a reservation and took me to a Japanese sushi buffet~. I’m not a fan of raw seafood, but there was plenty of other really really tasty things there, and we both had three plates of food plus a plate of dessert, haha. We got a table right next to the huge windows that overlooked the whole area because it’s on the 5th floor of a building. I felt a little bad though to be treated to something so expensive…. I caught a glimpse of the bill: 70,000 won. Oh my goodness. 

Finally we, walked over to FB’s parents office, and I said my goodbyes to his mother (she cried a little… T_T). FB and I took a short walk around the neighborhood, and then he drove me home. 

I still can’t believe that it’s really happening, that I’m actually leaving Korea and going… home. Here feels like home, how could I possibly go somewhere else?