i really enjoyed doing this and im so happy Mattie asked(and trusted) me to make the media for the epilogue of her story Catch Me Im Falling

it really touched me and i totally recommend it to everyone, its absolutely beautiful and made me cry like a baby more than once, so if you havent read it, go now


Mattie’s epilogue

Maggie’s epilogue

ok so ive been recieving messages asking why i dont draw anymore, if i will ever draw again, what happened to all the requests i’ve accepted, etc. to be honest 2014 was the shittiest year of my life, and thats a lot to say considering i’m only 19. there were days i wouldnt even want to be awake because you know, shit happens.

anyways, i think im better now, santa brought me a new wacom tablet (yayyyy) and i’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately, so hopefully i’ll be posting new stuff soon.

thanks to everybody who kept following me even when i turned into a lifeless potato, lots of love to you all 

guys i have classes from 8 am until 7pm monday-thursday, to 9pm on fridays, and 2pm on saturdays yes i have classes on saturdays, and i also have to study for my tests and write reports and other school projects who takes every fucking minute of my day so please stop asking about the punk/flowerchild fem!larry if i have not posted it yet its because its not ready yet you all know if i had the time i’d finish it but i dont so please stop

it will come when it has to, just as the rest of the requests

also thanks to all my news followers and of course to all of you who keeps following me even when i barely reblog a couple of stuff per day

i will check out blogs and follow some people this weekend, I THINK.

that’s it, love you all x

to all the people sending me requests: dont think im ignoring you im just keeping the messages in my ask box cause otherwise i’d forget them

ps: your request could be done by tomorrow or 73 years from now both are equally possible