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Bitch are you even black

Let me tell you a little story…

There once was a beautiful woman that met a gorgeous man..

They fell in love and on February 14, 1988, they got married

A few years later, on April 28th, 1993, they had their first child

And just two years after, they had their second child

Now their first child was one to be reckoned with. She was spunky, cute, and had a bit of spice to her. Her complexion had been taken from her father, and she loved herself just the same; it didn’t stop her from being the beautiful black woman she was created to be.

Of course, there would be a ruckus on #BlackOut about if I were black. This is not a way to prove anything to anyone, this is simply to show that melanin comes in all shades. 

So you ask me, “are you black?” I answer, YES! And my black is beautiful.


Hey Tumblr!!! 

My Name is Ahsante Sankofa (They/Them/Their or It/Its), tomorrow, August 8th,  (yes I might be a sensate heheheh) is my 🎉🎊birthday🎉🎊. 

I was wondering, can I get a lot of notes for my birthday? I think that would be the best birthday present evers!!! So please like and reblog!

💖Thank you 💖

“There is a Haitian saying which might upset the aesthetic images of most women. Nou lèd, Nou la, it says. We are ugly, but we are here. Like the modesty that is somewhat common in Haitian culture, this saying makes a deeper claim for poor Haitian women than maintaining beauty, be it skin deep or otherwise. For most of us, what is worth celebrating is the fact that we are here, that we against all the odds exist. To the women who might greet each other with this saying when they meet along the countryside, the very essence of life lies in survival. It is always worth reminding our sisters that we have lived yet another day to answer the roll call of an often painful and very difficult life.” -Edwidge Danticat-

How are we today, sister?
-We are ugly, but we are here.

Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.

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