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reverse idol | kim seokjin

right lets get this underway. it is time for the penultimate installment of the reverse idol series, in which jin is a cute ass fanboy of you.

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  • lokay so jin is a model
  • and he gets into your group bc one day at a shoot his photographer (min yoongi) is blasting this playlist
  • and half the songs are your group’s jin falls in love
  • he obviously doesn’t start excitedly dancing in the middle of a shoot
  • but when he gets home it’s a different story
  • you are obviously his bias bc of how good looking and talented and kind and dedicated and hardworking you are
  • so over time jin becomes a bigger and bigger stan
  • he buys all the merch
  • listens to all the songs
  • and makes is friends learn the dances with him
  • jin is the mom fan
  • always worrying about you and your group’s health
  • it annoys jungkook and taehyung because sometimes he is more worried about you then them
  • ‘hyuuuung, i’m hungry!’
  • *distracted watching your newest mv* ‘there’s some leftover kimchi in the fridge’
  • 'hyung this news article says y/n has been put on a strict diet’
  • so time passes and your group rises in popularity
  • so does model jin
  • he’s like the mysterious handsome model to all the public
  • and the cutest cinnamon roll that bops to your group’s songs
  • one day you’re tiredly scrolling through the discover page on Instagram
  • and jin’s face pops up
  • you’re all like 'oooOooOooOoO nOICE’
  • and you click follow so you can stalk the page when not asleep
  • jin finds out and squeals
  • fast forward a few months
  • since your group has gotten so popular, you have a much higher budget for mvs
  • your newest song is a love song, which means you need a love interest
  • they need someone good looking that can also act
  • jin’s modelling has also led him into acting
  • he’s obviously not super famous bc then it wouldn’t be reverse idol
  • your company finds him and asks him to perform in the newest mv
  • he excitedly agrees
  • when he finds out he’s your love interest jin just about combusts
  • he manages to stay calm and collected bc he knows that being all mega fanboy could scare you
  • when you see him you vaguely recognise him
  • 'ohH it’s you the guy i followed on Instagram a while ago!!’
  • jin gets a bit blushy
  • during the mv shooting he uses his charm
  • leaves with your phone number
  • you never find out the extent of his love for you and your group
  • but you do have a small knowledge as one day jungkook sends you a video of jin getting very excited about a cover you released
  • this is hurting me i want it so much
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Soooo, I’m super late on this. But I want to thank @namjooniebun for tagging me, I love your writing and drabbles sooo much, it’s crazy. I hope you have a nice day Bunbun!

R- Reflection by BTS
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