My Belieber Story I’m 15 year-old girl from Finland! My belieber story started when I watched Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for the first time from YouTube! It was 2010, I think (I was 12. I loved the song, It just went straight to my head and I sang it every day. Then I started be a fan of Justin’s, because he had (still has) amaizing brown eyes, good singing voice and I loved the dance moves.  About 2011 Summer, I got “Bieber Fever” all though I didn’t have any posters or CD’s cause I’m not from the richest family in the world…  Then when summer was over I went to school for 6th grade and because I had a notebook dedicated for Justin, I got bullied.. It wasn’t bad just annoying. But still I loved Justin and when I heard all the song from “My World” and “My World 2.0” I fell hardly in love, but because I was bullied I wouldn’t show it to anyone, but every time I was alone at home I listened JB’s songs in private and danced my ass off :P As I growed my love and support for Justin never ended and I always watched his videos from YouTube. Then Mistletoe came out and I fell ever harder, of course, I didn’t get that CD, but I downloaded all the songs into my IPod. I don’t remember when I heard about “Beliebers” but my inside voice, as I read about Beliebers said; “You’re one of them”. Then it happen I started call myself a Belieber and didn’t care what everyone else said about it! Justin Bieber is my idol and he always will be! I have Bieber Fever and I will have it forever!  When I find out that Justin Bieber is coming to Finland for Believe Tour, I begged my parents to buy me a ticket, but I didn’t get one… I took part of almost every contest that had a price; win tickets to JB’s concert, I didn’t win. I was sad because I didn’t get to Believe Tour or to meet Justin in person. But I won’t give up, because I know that one day I’ll meet him and go to his concert!  I love Justin Drew Bieber, always and forever! And I will support him until the end (which is never coming for him). Beliebers will always stick together! Beliebers are the most biggest family in the world and we are proud of it!  - @2SecuteBiebs (Pinja Alexandra) :D  P.s Sorry if my text contains spelling errors. :)