This weekend I got to cross “See Dita Perform” off my life to-do list! Strip Strip Hooray returned to Melbourne for 2 encore shows after the first sold out within hours and I wasn’t going to miss my chance!

All of the performers were incredible and EVERYTHING sparkled! Dita’s iconic performances are iconic for good reason. She is impossibly graceful and precise yet genuinely seemed to enjoy herself.  Did I mention that everything was sparkly – breathtakingly, dazzlingly sparkly.

The opening act was her Martini Glass routine and the crowd was instantly mesmerised. When she splashed it looked like diamonds falling in slow motion. This small (14x19cm) painting is my attempt to capture that.

Watercolor & Gouache



Now that I have made a space dedicated to drawing/painting (a tiny table next to my computer) I’ve felt inspired to do some character sketches:  Witch Assassin, Wealthy Schoolgirl, Inventor Builder & Royal Lady

Using blue Faber-Castell pencil and Staedtler Wopex 2B, on the cheapest student sketchbook paper (can’t erase, destroys paper!)


Supanova Melbourne 2015!

Just to let people know I’m exhibiting at Supanova Melbourne this year. Yaayyy! I’m at table A050 in the Artist Alley if you are planning to go make sure you stop by and say hello!

I’ll be sitting under my big banner…

…with lots a prints, plush toys…

… and other surprise goodies!

Hope to see you there :D


I wanted to create something to promote my brand “My Beautiful Monsters” that I would be happy to wear on a shirt or hoodie. It kinda sits somewhere between a band tshirt and an art nouveau brooch and a fairy tale bookcover.

I’m eagerly awaiting my shirt from Redbubble to arrive see how it turns out!

You can order lots prints and other merch with my designs HERE.

#TBT - Way back in 2010 I started designing characters for my own illustrated deck of cards - The Gamblers 

One-eyed Jack Spades started it all : “Space Pirate and Gentleman of Fortune…Legend has it he has never been captured by the Law and never harmed a woman, child or innocent man in all his adventures through out the Galaxies.”

The rest of the deck so far can be found here 

I will be posting the next few cards soon! 



I forgot to share this plushie commission from a few months back - Werewolf Dipper Pines.

He joined his sister, the Unicorn Mable Pines plush in his new home in May.

Inspired by the Gravity Falls character Dipper Pines this is a custom designed werewolf plush.

The completed plush stands roughly 6 inches tall (8-10 inches long to including his tail).

The plush includes the characters birthmark, hand-embroidered on his forehead under his hair.

He has machine embroidered appliqué eyes and felt claws.

Made from dark brown Minky fleece he is small but cuddly.


My Etsy Shop 


My custom designed small but scary Alien Xenomorph plush.
This tiny terror stands at a compact 8 inches (approx) tall made from soft black fleece with grey embroidered jersey insert details.
Other details to the design include black felt back and tail spikes, back tubes and a white felt teeth.
Crafted from my own unique pattern from my own concept.

*Fun Fact: All of the domain names for “Beautiful Monsters” were held but not used by the studio that made Aliens when I first started my website which is why it is call “My Beautiful Monsters”.


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