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Theon is a no dick , pussy bitch, a traitor and a piece of shit

Theon Greyjoy-Stark … made a mistake. He fucked up. Like many people have on this show. He wanted a family and didn’t realize he already had one, he wanted to be accepted but instead his family sold him as a little boy and even later in life turned their back on him while he suffered magnitudes of torture.

Theon Greyjoy-Stark survived many things that we can’t even imagine. Being sliced and hacked up, he had his “manhood” taken off but still manages to be the bravest man of the lot. He’s been degraded by Ramsay, starved, made to sit in his own filth for weeks. And on top of that, Ramsay psychologically tortured him so much he began to call himself “Reek”.

Theon Greyjoy-Stark is like every other character on this show, he’s made mistakes, but he survived and he’s learned. Theon has grown from all of it and become better. And I love Theon. #boybye

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hey, your simblr is one of my faves :) most of my replacements come from you! If you have the time, I'd like to ask if you could default ambodyworldcupep7 with Gym Shorts & Tees? www(.)leefish(.)nl/ mybb/ showthread(.)php?tid=4990#downloads thanks!

Thank you for your nice words :)

ambodyworldcupep7 replaced with Gym Shorts and Tees by Fanseelamb