I’m definitely a Snowbarry shipper. But I hope they don’t become the olicity of flash where they gain crazy fans who are rude to Westallen shippers and ruin it for everyone.

I guess I’d prefer it if for once in a show the best friend of the hero was simply the best friend. But Westallen is cute.

Anyone that’ll make MyBarry and Caitlyn happy and I don’t care. He could run off with Cisco and I’d be over the moon :)


barry allen in every episode: 1.09 “man in the yellow suit”

- I screwed up, dad. After years of searching I finally found him. I found the man who killed mom. The man in yellow, the one in the lighting. He’s out there, and I had him. He got away. I… I was so close. I promised you that I would get you out of here. Every day you spend in here has been because of him. Until today. Now you’re in here because of me, and I’m so sorry. I…