@pudgemouthjin ‘s pokemon teams in white and heart gold!

MyBalls the Zebstrika, Rickn’Morty the Girafarig, JoshtheSlt the Samurott, Derpules the Heracross, Snuggletits the Audino, Peeram the Ampharos, Boobarel the Bibarel, Mr.NoArms the Quagsire, Fiyarrrhea the Typhlosion, Analvlcano the Darmanitan, Duntouchme the Furret, Wesker the Togetic, Syphilis the Sigilyph, Donnadrilz the Excadrill, and Jasper the Golem!

I did this in one sitting, I’m gonna go sleep forever now :3


“I smoke on occasions. I love to smoke when I drink, but then I also love to go running like crazy and getting my heart pounding and gasping for air, and the two don’t tend to go well together. Running is actually a great cure for a hangover - I know it sounds hideous, but if you’ve got a bad hangover, just go and run like crazy. It’s hideous for a few minutes, but it does cure it.”