mybabyklaine asked:

01. Name:Bess

02. Age:19

03. Where are you from:China :D

04. Meaning behind tumblr url:as you know ,everything about klaine!!

05. Favourite band/singer:oh, I love lady gaga and katy perry so so much.

06. Favourite movie:"somewhere in time","a walk in the clouds"and some Chinese movie :D

07. What do you hate the most:Math? I hate math during my whole school time !!

08. Obsession:obvirously, KLAINE!

09. What do you want to be in a future:oh, a editor cause my major in college is Chinese language and literature

10. Ask me a random question:istead of Glee,what American TV series do you like ?

Heeeeeeeeeeey Bess ♥ 
China, huh? Still so cool.
I love Gaga & Katy.

Math sucks…
and I love Supernatural, Chuck & True Blood most I think (after Glee) but I love a lot of shows.