Supernatural - Captain America Time after time AU
Chasing after the Greek time God Chronos zapped Dean back to 1943, and this is when he shot a Nazi, met the legendary Steve Rogers, and almost fought the war.

“Sammy, turns out Snider is Chronos. I rode him to 1943. Am working with Captain America & Co - yes, you hear me right CAPTAIN AMERICA. Stark tracked down Chronos, dude he’s working with Hydra. They’re meeting at midnight, we’ve got the weapon and are going after him. Gotta stop him before he can change history man. Take care of yourself, Sam.”

imagine Merlin with an entire fuckin dragon nursery

he realizes that he has the chance to bring a whole new generation of dragons into the world, so he calls Kilgharrah and they start hatching eggs

the first egg that Merlin hatches is Aithusa, and he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing so she’s the only one at first

but eventually, as he learns more and his confidence grows, he hatches new eggs

he makes Kilgharrah help bc Merlin is just one man trying to wrangle an excitable, curious, powerful flight of hatchlings and he really can’t be the only one looking after them or he’d never have time to eat, let alone sleep

and the little ones each have their own personalities and some are a bit more rebellious than others but they all love merlin juST IMAGINE IT OKAY


AU: The Perks of Being A Wallflower / Teen Wolf crossover: Stiles and his younger brother, Charlie (Logan Lerman) both dealt with their mother’s death differently. Stiles fought and eventually suppressed it. However, Charlie hasn’t ever dealt with it to well. (Aka, how he is after what happens with his aunt in Perks!)

AU in which Sally is the Doctor’s Companion: Sally Sparrow meets the Doctor when he saves her from The Angels. And, when he appears in his magic blue box, she gladly goes with him. Together they adventure through time and space; to the distant future where there is nothing more to life than a screen; to the thirties, all dinners and parties; to a 19th century manor where a green ghoul is terrorizing the residents; and back to the present, and a metal invasion. Yet through all this, those Angels seem to be following Sally, and warning phrases keep plaguing her…

After the big final showdown with the Angels, Sally is sent back in time, and wakes up in a hospital bed where she wakes up. She finds out she’s apparently been in a coma for several weeks - it’s all been a dream, or at least that’s how it appears. She consigns herself to this, being a down to earth person, and devotes her life to some good cause - although she still watches the sky. The final scene is the Doctor watching her, proud but unable to interfere.