Supernatural - Captain America Time after time AU
Chasing after the Greek time God Chronos zapped Dean back to 1943, and this is when he shot a Nazi, met the legendary Steve Rogers, and almost fought the war.

“Sammy, turns out Snider is Chronos. I rode him to 1943. Am working with Captain America & Co - yes, you hear me right CAPTAIN AMERICA. Stark tracked down Chronos, dude he’s working with Hydra. They’re meeting at midnight, we’ve got the weapon and are going after him. Gotta stop him before he can change history man. Take care of yourself, Sam.”

Strawberry Sundae Surprise with Extra Sprinkles
aka The Ice Cream Hartwin AU

aka if you start me talking on Hartwin and fluff and food, this is what you’ll get as my co-conspirator sententiousandbellicose will attest.

Harry braves lasers and gunfire, rappels down skyscraper, steals a secret scroll from a locked vault fifteen feet down in the ground…and then gets grazed by a car beating a traffic light. At least Merlin has the decency to look sympathetic after he finishes laughing. 

He’s put out of comission for a couple of months, but the thing is, the tailor’s roster is full…and they really, really need people at Kingsman’s other front.

The official reason for Kingsman Creamery’s existence is that their fine bespoke tailor shop along Savile Row is hardly the most convenient of guises for keeping tabs on most of the general population. Or even for most of their employees who hardly fit the demographic to be going through the doors of a fancy suit shop every single day.

.An ice cream parlour, on the other hand…Everyone eats ice cream. 

Unofficially though, Harry just thinks that one of the early Arthurs probably just developed an extreme fondness of the dessert and wanted a convenient way to obtain it everyday. 

Grudgingly, he ends up working there while he recovers.

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AU: The Perks of Being A Wallflower / Teen Wolf crossover: Stiles and his younger brother, Charlie (Logan Lerman) both dealt with their mother’s death differently. Stiles fought and eventually suppressed it. However, Charlie hasn’t ever dealt with it to well. (Aka, how he is after what happens with his aunt in Perks!)