AU meme: Zayn and Harry make a living together in LA as successful, well known drug lords. Harry gets caught one day and gets arrested. When Zayn hears the news that they’re coming after him next, he decides to go on the run.


AU meme: Your father doesn’t like your new famous rock star boyfriend, Niall because he thinks he’s a bad influence on you. Ever since you started dating him, you’ve started to rebel more. Then one day, Niall asks you to run away with him.

Credit for edited pictures: tattooedzayn


AU meme: Harry robs a bank, and you’re his partner. You both are running from the cops and decide to hide out in a small hotel. When the police start to get more suspicious, he decides to leave one night while you’re asleep because he doesn't want to get you into more trouble. you wake up to find a note saying “im sorry”


AU meme: Niall is part of the mafia and when he meets you, you both fall in love. He knows that he is not allowed to be in a relationship, so when the rest of the mafia get suspicious of it, he breaks it off with you so you wont get hurt.