LUKE HEMMINGS AU MEME: After being Luke Hemmings’ best friend for over four years, you knew nearly everything about him, including his most favorite and least things. When you and Luke had first become friends, you had the tiniest crush on him, but seeing as he had a longterm girlfriend at the time, you figured he’d never want someone like you. So after a while, the crush faded away, and you began to think of him only as a best friend, but what you didn’t know was that he had liked you as well, he just didn’t know how to deal with his girlfriend. After they broke up though, he jumped at the chance to ask you, but you turned him down, he was only your best friend, right? Even though you knocked him down on the first try, he kept at it, leading up to you eventually saying maybe, but only if he ate the thing he hated most. And to your surprise, he did.

Luke: “ So you’ll go out with me, if I eat this, right? ”
Y/N: “ I’ve told you yes fourteen times now, so go on with it. Otherwise I might change my mind. ”
Luke: “ Don’t do that ok, on three, one, two, three. 

au meme; Reita in a zombie apocalypse feat. Aoi -  angel-eeteukie

“You gotta plan, right?” Aoi asks in a small voice as he watches Reita out of the corner of his eye. “Of course.” He hears and he shakes his head. “One that won’t get us killed?” He finally turns to see the other shrug. “Can’t promise that we won’t, but I do have a tip for you.” A coy smile plays on his lips.

Aoi hesitates before speaking again. “And what is that?”

“Just. Keep. Shooting.” Reita says as he throws a gun toward his companion.