Location:Glasgow UK

Story:I consider myself lucky that all of my family are atheists and I never had to go to church, mass, sunday school etc. In primary school we were taught about God/Religion etc which for me would’ve been my first hearing of those matters. Throughout my school years up until around the age of fifteen I was agnostic. I thought religion was most likely all bullshit but hadn’t commited to that belief completely yet. This was until I first discovered the comedy workings of Bill Hicks. After watching him on YouTube for a while I convinced myself to buy his DVD. During his routine in the ‘Totally Bill Hicks’ DVD he speaks a lot about religion and how ridiculous it is, pointing out major flaws and stupid excuses for them that are right in front of everyone’s nose. After finishing it I was left wondering how I was EVER unsure. I felt like I was an idiot and that anyone else (especially adults) who bought into the complete work of fiction that is religion was an idiot too. Unfortunately, Bill Hicks died when I was about two years old so I will never get to meet him or see him live. He is, however, the reason that I am, and always will be, an atheist.