seriously mr. ogleby is a cool teacher he really cares about his students, it’s really nice i actually learn stuff from him about life situaions i needed that when i was a teen and i couldn’t really talk to anyone about it :c man he’s really cool

i had the weirdest dream..i was in a school trip in the mall and aarron was there he was on a fashion show and forced to be there for a grade completion he was like in a big bang costume w/ sunglasses and he just twirls and poses and at the very end he wore a maid costume i was mad at myself because i didn’t bring a camera and i only had my phone… wt and then i went mall strolling, aarron was in mcdonalds and really confused because there were 2 swags to pick him up.. one has black hair and the other was blonde.. he was going to say sorry but he jus stared at the two swags

there is actually a storm right now outside and i can just imagine babu hyun being scared and under the blanket :’) Gosh swittering on my dash i’m so happy :’D