myasia dowdell

Ace AIR: Myasia Dowdell

Program: AIR
Location: Ace Hotel New York
Date of Stay: 05.01.16
Artists: Myasia Dowdell

Cats of Nirvana (watercolor paper, mixed markers), Twilight Birds Somewhere Between Interspace (copy paper, color pencils), and Hare of Serenity (watercolor paper, color pencils, black Sharpie) are three amazing works created in just one night by Myasia Dowdell, LAND Gallery’s first Artist in Residence at Ace Hotel New York. She also left us a nice note.  

Born in 1989 in Brooklyn, New York, Myasia Dowdell’s work is equal parts imagination and careful observation. Myasia alternates between naturalistic portraits of her favorite celebrities and cartoonish renderings of fantastic creatures, including her “seasonal sheep” - a character of her own invention with features that change with the seasons.With a deep fondness for old school hip hop and R&B, Myasia has painted the likenesses of Michael Jackson, Salt N Pepa and Kid ‘n Play, as well as more contemporary figures such as Beyoncé. Myasia’s work is widely collected, with many of her portraits in the collection of Spike Lee.

This May, Ace AIR is curated by LAND studio —a unique nonprofit day habilitation program that teaches life skills through the modality of art. LAND (League Artists Natural Design) was founded in 2004 by the League Education and Treatment Center (LETC) and serves as both studio and gallery for 16 adult artists with developmental disabilities. At LAND, artists develop their skills in a nurturing environment, while their work is marketed to the community in a vibrant and inclusive manner. LAND artists work with painters, sculptors, fiber artists, animators, designers and others who value creative collaboration. LETC is a 501©(3) non-profit and internationally recognized agency for evaluation, treatment and education of children and adults with disabilities.


The Quirky, Bold, Funny and Sometimes Prophetic Art of @landgallery

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An acrylic painting of a young Michael Jackson. A greeting card featuring Olivia Newton-John and a pilgrim zombie. An Alice Cooper Christmas ornament. These are just some of the pieces of artwork on display at LAND Gallery (@landgallery), a workspace and gallery for a group of artists — including Myasia Dowdell, Michael Pellew and Kenya Hanley — with developmental disabilities in Brooklyn, New York. “The art is quirky, bold, funny, strange, astute, at times prophetic, and exuberant,” says Sophia Cosmadopoulos (@sophiacosmo), the gallery coordinator. “Through it we are able to get a rare glimpse of this unique perspective.” Many would characterize this work as “outsider art,” but Sophia often captions it “insider art” as well, to indicate its broader significance. “Their art is just as compelling and should be included.”