I looked at Benny and Jet’s story, got viciously depressed, ate everything in my house, refused to sleep until I improved it, gave up when my scanner crapped out and spent 30 minutes crying hysterically on the floor before passing out. Then I just started laying around my house making snarky comments at my pets and pretending objects in my home wanted to argue with me. Apparently the rolling chair is a racist. I told my cat “Lose some weight or mommy won’t love you anymore” like 20 times because for some reason depressed-me thought it was funny. I turn into the Ice King when I’m sad???

And then three days ago I just fixed everything and now I’ve plotted out 2 chapters and scripted 15 pages of a new story??? Little has been drawn yet (just references for all the characters that appear in the first chapter, two monsters, and some practice sketches on the two settings).

So I guess The Bus Won’t Take You Home might still happen, only with an entirely new main cast, plot, and setting. :T

Also above is a preview I guess. His name is Edan.

The Bus Won’t Take You Home

Photoshop CS3, roughly 5 hours.

You guys, my eyes hurt. I didn’t pee the entire time I did this I think I hurt my bladder again. ANYWAY. Blue-haired girl with the bruised knuckles is Benny, who I’ve put on tumblr before. Her friend there is Jet. They are both subhumans, poor as shit, live in a city where both of them are hated minorities, and are best bros. (I mean Jet isn’t the best guy ever but you know he’s a good friend because he’ll sit in a shitty part of town with you, even if you’re covered in blood). This might become a comic if I ever regrow my confidence again (ahahahait'sdead). ANYWAY. The graffiti was the most fun, though I didn’t do so great with it. It’s pretty sloppy in some places, but I had to step away or I’d just pass out. xD

All together I’m satisfied with the lighting, but I still need to improve before I feel okay making it into anything more.

Paper dolls are fun. I actually made two of these (takes about two hours each, when I’m being sketchy with the lines). But… My dog ate the other one. Thebetterone. I cried a little, and she got into some deep trouble for stealing from the table.