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Skinny dipping?

  • Before The Sunset - continuation to Good Karma, bfs jongin and kyungsoo go on a spontaneous trip - and since they’re both nekkid in the water ya know what happens…:^)
  • Between Us - chaptered, they both go on a trip with jongin’s brother jongdae and his friends and they are hiding their relationship; they go out to spend some time together at midnight when everyone’s asleep and kyungsoo teaches jongin how to swim 
  • How To Catch An Angel - fantasy, they hide in a cave due to a big storm because jongin is injured and both are soaked and grimy they both take a bath in the cave’s pool and kyungsoo has to help jongin with washing his bod :))) henlo sexual tension :))
  • Summer Boys - trip au, they’re travelling with sebaek and skinny dip in waterfall and getting closer to each other with every day spent together; this gives me really nice summer feels ;u;
  • kaisoo smut on wattpad that Admin I found hehe ty ♥
  • Truly Madly Deeply - intergalactic au, aquatic creature kai is naked while ksoo is…half naked :3
  • Starry Eyes & Bad Decisions - adventurous a bit, jongin is an astronomer who meets kyungsoo at a local diner they spent time tgt etc. (they go skinny dipping and have sx in the water

 haha - Admin J