I used to think that the phrase ‘Don’t care what anyone thinks!’ was ridiculous, because if you only look to yourself, how will you grow? How will you know when you need to admit a mistake, or mend your attitude over something? Caring what the right people think, the people you respect and love and admire, is essential to properly maturing and learning. And I still absolutely think so.

But you know what? I’m starting to understand what 'not caring what people think’ means. It means if you like wearing your hair up, you don’t start keeping it loose because someone said it looks matronly. It means if you dance to top 40’s pop hits, you don’t feel less cool because the boy you like listens to synth-rock indie bands you’ve never heard of. It means you keep being quiet, outgoing, serious, romantic, dreamy; you laugh loudly and often, or watch silent films, or wear dresses and heels to the grocery store, or only take baths, or not own a bikini, or post to Instagram as rarely or as often as you like. I don’t mean you never try new things or change your mind. But please, please don’t live your life with the end goal of making people go 'I like what you’re doing.’
—  r.s. // things i am learning

anonymous asked:

ohhohho you ship kibaino?? what are your other naruto ships ??

ah well i think i answered this one before but why not again ?? who the fuck likes to scrol down to get what they want aye???

 i kinda ship all the ships really!! but here are the OTPs

  • yahiko x konan ( MOST IMPORTANT SHIP!!!!!they are canon and hey they are dead !!! what a suprise )
  • shikamaru x temari (first naruto ship <3 they give me lots of feels i love them so much )
  • naruto x hinata
  • mina x kushi
  • obito x rin
  • neji x tenten
  • and yes  recently i also  got into ino x kiba (HOT AF)