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i feel so bad for chanyeol. it's clear that ksoo and chanyeol have been very good friends since predebut, i mean even chanyeol's mom loves kyungsoo,( chansoo and yeol's mom have been spotted hanging out just the three of them and have yall seen the chansoo pics she has at her restaurant?!??), so kyungsoo is practically a member of the park family (didnt soo spend a xmas with them predebut as well?)but to the k*isoo shippers chanyeol is just the "thirdwheel" or the "cockblocker" of k*isoo...

chanyeol’s mom really does love kyungsoo (the first thing i thought of was that time chansoo + yeol’s mom were spotted out and she was holding onto kyungsoo instead of her own son lmao)

also, remember when chanyeol said his sister likes kyungsoo the most.. and i totally forgot about the christmas thing like they’re obviously so close and it’s inconsiderate of people to ignore their relationship just to make their own otp appear more real


what time is it!? (summertime, it’s our vacaationn !!) 

I’m finally on summer break so I thought what a perfect time to do another giveaway!! all of the prizes are either bought/made by me, this giveaway is not sponsored nor is affiliated with tumblr in any way :-)

This giveaway is international & I will be paying for shipping (with the help from my parents lmao)


reblog this post, you may reblog more than once to increase your chances but pls no spamming (likes do not count as an entry only for bookmarking)

you must be following me, participants who enter but do not follow me will be automatically disqualified from the giveaway


If you are not 18+ pls have your parent’s permission before entering

you must have your askbox open and you have to be okay with giving me your address!


a disposable camera // to capture all of your summer memories 

“summer sixteen” mixtape // bump these tunes on your road trips or if you’re just chilling in your room (not shown in picture)

a silk choker (made by me) 

a baby pink unisex 1-800-hotline-bling baseball cap // to protect you from the sun while sporting my dad drake

kylie jenner lipkit in “dolce k” // I have two of this shade so I thought I would give it away (I literally took a shower with this on and when I came out my lips still looked a1)

+ my fave candies (not shown in picture)


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tag me posts, selfies, artwork, memes, smut anything is appreciated !! I track the tag #arnour

This giveaway will be closed on September 1st 2016 and I will be messaging the winner on September 4th 2016

if you have any other q’s feel free to ask me 


Hello everyone! My name is Ruben and I’m now apart of the oportunitas squad. I won’t change anything about the blog. What I will do is simply just give advice and answer questions, while ofc posting my pictures and selfies. I’m an aspiring photographer, so expect to see my work. Feel free to ask me for advice or just simply questions!