How INTJs Use Fi

So far as descriptions go, INTJ use of Fi is probably the most butchered of all. The majority of theorists render it as indicating the development of “morality” while others paint the INTJ as being a secret INFP. Both interpretations are severely flawed and I would almost say lazy.

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The depth of introverted feeling can only be guessed – never clearly grasped. It makes people silent and difficult of access. It comes out with negative judgments or assumes an air of profound indifference as a means of defense. [Fi] progressively emancipates itself from the object and creates for itself a freedom of action and conscience that is purely subjective, and may even renounce all traditional values.
—  Carl Jung
Negative aspects of INFP functions

1.Introverted Feeling- self absorbed and highly subjective

2. Extroverted Intuition- seeing too many possibilities causes indecisiveness

3. Introverted Sensing- cling to the past and difficulty in letting go

4. Extroverted Thinking- blunt and critical, wants to be organized but struggles