50 Week David Archuleta Tumblr Challenge

Week 22:  Interview Part 2 ⇝ Man of Wisdom

“There are times that it takes years to realize something. So I don’t want to change something that might teach me something, down the road. The only thing that I can can change is my attitude on whats going to happen.” - David Archuleta

Waiting for two years for you is not enough to thank you for all that you’ve thought me..


50 Week David Archuleta Tumblr Challenge

Week 10:  Free Week

David Archuleta Cambio Live Chat (2010)

QUESTION: Would you like to go visit Latin America?

DAVID ARCHULETA:YES! I want to so BAD. It would be so cool. I’ve been to central america ‘cause that is were my mom is from. I have Hoduran blood in me. But, It’ll be fun to go visit other part too. A lot of my friends actually in CHILE and Argentina right now so  it would be cool.