Audience: What is your ideal girl?

David Archuleta: What’s my kind of perfect? I guess.. well, I always say, I like girls who are just uhmm.. I want girls who are just down to earth, very close to their families and just have a good time, liked going out, girls who like going outdoors and stuff,I like going outside a lot and just try different things. I guess girls who like to eat too.



DAVID ARCHULETA: Last date I had… [ L O N G pause ] I don’t know.. I mean- Its not- I mean  I guess.. What is your definition of a date?

INTERVIEWER: Well, its just like, maybe you and her or maybe like a perfect dinner when you went out and had some movie here…

DAVID ARCHULETA: well, with that -

INTERVIEWER: maybe holding hands..

DAVID ARCHULETA: no.. I’m not into holding hands.. I still think thats- I don’t know, I still think that’s GROSS for some reason [audience laugh]. I know I’m immature, but I don’t like, I don’t think its weird holding people’s hands, I mean, I just got over like, it took me just a few years ago to get over with holding my little sisters hands. And its okay , you know, they’re my little sisters walking across- I mean they’re older now but, I don’t know. 

• • •

I guess I’ve never liked the idea because there have never been anyone that I felt like I wanted to hold her hand. Well, I don’t mean anything bad! If I’m gonna hold someone’s hands there has to be a reason you know. I don’t want it to be just like, “Oh! she’s cute I’m gonna hold her hand!" 


50 Week David Archuleta Tumblr Challenge

Week 22:  Interview Part 2 ⇝ Man of Wisdom

“There are times that it takes years to realize something. So I don’t want to change something that might teach me something, down the road. The only thing that I can can change is my attitude on whats going to happen.” - David Archuleta

Waiting for two years for you is not enough to thank you for all that you’ve thought me..

Interviewer: Ok, speaking of that track “My Kind of Perfect,” can you describe to us what your perfect girl would be?

David Archuleta: They don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to be this.. you know, supermodel or anything like that, I don’t think that’s what matters. They just have to be you know MY kind of perfect. It’s the imperfections too that I think makes that person unique and different and makes them stand out. I focus more on the heart of the people. I think that’s what I’m drawn to more than just the way they look or they have a certain hair length and hair color things like that. I think its just more about, you know, that they take care of themselves and have respect for themselves but still focus on other things that are more important like: someone who’s very caring to other people, I think thats important.


QUESTION: What’s your worst habit?

DAVID ARCHULETA: I think, well.. I say “ammm” a lot and “ha?” and like “What?” too much, I say that a lot and I think it really gets on people’s nerves. But sometimes it takes me a while, like.. I hear what they say, but it takes me a while to process what they said, like, I heard it, but I don’t know what they said, until– It’s like I just hear like vowels and syllables like “damunirmama,” and then it takes like 4 seconds for me to understand that they said “Do you want a car wash?”


DAVID ARCHULETA: ..The rest of the album (TOSOD) is actually even more in tune with I think, what is me as person. I’m kind of like ahh.. I’m not.. I don’t really take myself seriouslly. I’m kind of a dork, you know. I just wanna show that to my music. I don’t.. I’m not trying to be something cool and like impressive, I don’t have the best body out there or anything compare to these guys, you know. So was I like, I’m just gonna be myself. I think when your just true to yourself, that’s when people connect to you the most. So that’s what I’m trying to do with this album.