You have no idea.. this guy..this awesome, sweet, amazing, and wonderful guy.. has done more than made me his..but has brightened up my life more than any guy.. he put a smile back on my face. I haven’t smiled this much in a long time. He put a smile on my face even when I spent those last moments shedding left over tears. He reminded me that there really are good guys left in a world full of assholes.. I feel so lucky to call you mine.. today was a great day! And I can’t wait to have more of them with you! #mysweettooth #myAnthony #sweettestguyever #myboyfriend #awesomeday

yucky days

The forgiveness and grace that Anthony extends to me every day truly astonishes me. Even when I have yucky days filled with sin and bitterness he still loves and cares for me. He reminds me of the love that the Lord has for me, and that days like this will not last forever. I must learn to not let my joy be circumstantial, instead I must greet every day with joy- regardless of the situation. This can be such a hard task to accomplish as we often consume ourselves with the problems surrounding us. We must choose to not let these problems define our lives, and instead focus on the joy given to us through the holy spirit.