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Capturing Intimate Moments of Celebrities With Greg Williams

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In the midst of Hollywood glitz, British photographer Greg Williams (@gregwilliamsphotography) captures intimate moments with celebrities. His series #artofbehindthescenes includes Charlize Theron losing Sean Penn on the red carpet and the stars of the upcoming American adventure film “Everest” riding an unexpected wave en route to this year’s Venice Film Festival. “What I call ‘happy accidents’ often give the pictures that extra flair,” the 43-year-old says. “I’d gotten the three guys to come to the back of the boat for a picture, and as I was shooting, a huge boat went by and caused a massive wave. It was like we were gonna go over! It just created this wonderful drama and energy.” And yet, the near-capsized boat pales in comparison to the risks Greg took on his first assignment as a photographer: at 19, he had to be smuggled into Myanmar to take pictures of guerrillas fighting in the country’s civil war. “I have that sensitivity to genuine human emotion,” he says. “My empathy is probably a bigger asset than my eye.”

MYANMAR, MANTONG : This picture taken on January 15, 2014 shows a girl peering outside her hut at a village in Mantong township, in Myanmar’s northern Shan state, an area controlled by soldiers of the Taaung National Liberation Army (TNLA), a Palaung ethnic armed group. The TNLA is one of a host of armed ethnic minority groups that have long fought the country’s military for greater autonomy. Myanmar’s reformist government has signed peace deals with most major rebel groups since coming to power nearly three years ago, but conflicts continue to flare in some areas. AFP PHOTO/Ye Aung THU

MYANMAR, YANGON : This picture taken on November 12, 2015 shows people eating at a street food stall in Yangon. Myanmar has been dominated by the military for half a century through direct junta rule and – since 2011 – by a quasi-civilian government run by its allies. But the balance of power is almost certain to shift to Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) following the most competitive election in generations. AFP PHOTO / Nicolas ASFOURI